Community Story

1515 Central Ave. NE, 1500 Fillmore, and 1717 Central Ave. NE

Community Story

1515 Central Ave. NE, 1500 Fillmore, and 1717 Central Ave. NE

1515 Central Ave. NE, 1500 Fillmore St. NE, and 1717 Central Ave. NE
Hillcrest Development has extensive experience bringing abandoned sites back to life. These are a few of the projects in Northeast Minneapolis that are again useful to their communities.  

1515 Central Ave. NE
We first revitalized this heavily used site in 2002, focusing our attention on respectfully updating the 70,000-square-foot industrial building. We restored the brick façade and opened up the bricked-in and blocked-up windows. New energy-efficient windows and flooring were installed to brighten up the interior spaces. Included in our renovation was all-new infrastructure; plumbing, sprinkler, HVAC, and electrical systems, plus the construction of new loading facilities. After significant environmental remediation work and stabilization, this once-vacant site became home to over 150 living-wage jobs. Hillcrest Development sold the property in 2005.   

When we learned that 1515 Central was available for purchase again, we jumped at the chance. This remarkable property lies in the heart of the vibrant and diverse Northeast neighborhood, just minutes from downtown Minneapolis. In the summer of 2012, Hillcrest Development purchased 1515 Central for a second time with the intention of once again revitalizing and re-purposing the again-vacant building.

In addition to updating the building, we focused on more completely addressing and resolving the pollution concerns on the five-acre land areas that serve it.

The building has been updated for use by tenant companies requiring warehouse, commercial studio, office and creative spaces. Freshly renovated spaces included additional new windows, clerestory glass, full sprinklers, loading docks and drive-in doors, and newly constructed parking areas make this a flexible space suitable for so many uses. 

Address: 1515 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis

Built: Circa 1920s

Building size: Approximately 70,000 SF

Prior uses: Heavy industrial, heavy manufacturing, outdoor storage

Abated contaminants: The soil was contaminated with petroleum, solvents, metals and other hazardous substances resulting from the placement of contaminated fill into the former limestone quarry that once occupied the property.

Grant support:
•  $334,418 grant from the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
•  $285,900 grant from the Metropolitan Council Tax Base Revitalization Account (TBRA)
•  $248,502 grant from the Hennepin County Environmental Response Fund (ERF),

Project award: 2013 Finance and Commerce Top Project Winner

1500 Fillmore St. NE
To the west, a small, brick and timber manufacturing facility also needed attention. Constructed in 1928, it had most recently housed a linen importer, but had fallen into great disrepair. 

Hillcrest Development brought the 9,500-square-foot building back to life in 2013 with restored brick and timber finishes, new windows, and glass entries. This long-forgotten, stand-alone building now includes new common areas, HVAC, electrical system, parking, and extensive landscaping. The result of this renovation is a warm, attractive, relevant building that is home to two small businesses including an urban cider brewery, Sociable Cider Werks.

Project award: 2013 Finance and Commerce Top Project Winner

1717 Central Ave. NE
On the corner of Central Avenue NE and 18th Avenue NE, this abandoned, early 1970s former Burger King restaurant was an eyesore. The interior and exterior were in very poor condition, booths and seating were still mounted to the floor, and countertops and drink dispensers sat dormant. Its creative and energetic NE Minneapolis neighborhood deserved better. 

In 2012, Hillcrest Development demolished all existing interior finishes and fixtures and began work on redevelopment. We installed new windows, exterior fascia, interior build out, and fresh finishes. 

The 3,600-square-foot building is now being utilized for a daycare center with bright colors, natural light, and an outdoor play area. We are proud to have refreshed a once-lifeless site so it can contribute positively to the Northeast Park Neighborhood.

For more information contact: Scott M. Tankenoff.